Ontology as key for formalizing engineering knowledge

“But logic itself has no vocabulary for describing the things that exist. Ontology fills that gap: it is the study of existence, of all kinds of entities — abstract and concrete — that make up the world. It supplied the predicates of predicate calculus and the labels that fill the boxes and circles of conceptual graphs”

Sowa – Knowledge Representation, Logical, Philosophical and Computational Foundations

I just wanted to share the above quote from what I often refer to as the bible of advanced engineering informatics or of anybody in any domain who tries to support domain specialists with computational methods.

In my personal thinking this quote is essential and it might be helpful to clearly understand the message my colleague Amy Trappey and I tried to make in our recent publication.

If you are working in the field and you can get your hands on a copy of Sowa … at least for me it was tremendously helpful to explicitly understand what I am working on in my research and teaching.

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